Helping reduce the symptoms of IBS/stomach problems with the right food choices, by providing custom meal plans and advice in a relaxed and non-judgemental way


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Time to take back control

When you have a better understanding of what foods trigger certain symptoms, you can take back control of your diet and stop worrying about the next meal leaving you bloated or worse.

If you want to:

  • Ease the symptoms of an existing health problem,
  • Reduce your weight without punishing yourself,
  • Feel better in general

It might be the right time to start taking control of your eating habits.

How I can help you

If you are looking for help with an existing condition,
If you’ve been feeling under the weather or “not quite right”,
If you are aiming to manage your weight without constantly needing to stand on the scales
or if you just want to improve the way you feel,
then creating a nutrition plan that’s tailored to you can help with all these things.

Let me introduce myself

Hi I’m Becks.

I’m a busy mum of two juggling a business and family, while trying to keep fit and healthy.

I started on my nutrition journey about 13yrs ago because I was getting frequent sinus infections and feeling fatigued most days even after a good nights rest.

I was advised during a hydrotherapy session to cut out dairy and gluten, which I did but this restricted my typical western diet, so I needed to research more about food – this led me to a diploma in nutrition.

I use food as medicine and help people find the right foods to help them feel good, as well as personally to give my body the energy and support it needs to keep going throughout the day.

I’m not about faddy diets – I like using a combination of foods to give you balance within the body and to help nourish and restore you back to life/health.

Take the first step

The path to a happier, healthier you starts with a single step.

Your first full consultation costs £70.00 and will provide you with a personalised nutritional food plan, designed specifically for you and your needs.

All consultations are carried out online and can be arranged at a time to suit you.

Book a free 15 minute taster session (on the phone) to meet Becks and find out what’s involved in a full consultation and how it can help you.

Call now on 07840 364779  – or get in touch via the contact page and Becks will contact you!