Make a real difference to the way you feel, with food.

Imagine feeling more relaxed yet more alert.

Less aches and pains. Or having a better night’s sleep. Think for a moment about eating tasty but healthy foods without suffering any digestive problems you might have. Imagine improving your diet without really going on one.

Whether you have current health issues, or if you’re looking to improve performance, or maybe just feel your body needs a bit of maintenance and TLC, a nutritional food plan using a naturopathic approach can help.

By making small changes to the foods we eat, we can start to combat or overcome many health problems and challenges.
Don’t panic! It’s not going to be all soy beans and tofu. We’ll work together to discuss both healthier options based on what you eat now and new alternatives.

If you want to:

  • Ease the symptoms of an existing health problem,
  • Reduce your weight without punishing yourself,
  • Feel better in general

It might be the right time to start taking control of your eating habits.

So you mean a diet right?

Well not really. The only time  the “diet” word will be mentioned is when talking about your diet, not that you will be going on a diet.
Many health problems can be reduced or overcome naturally with a change in the foods you eat.

By following a personalised food and nutrition plan based on your needs and preferences, you can improve your overall health by eating the right foods, without feeling the restrictions of what you would normally consider a “diet”.

It has to be said – You are not a banana.

Or a steak. Or a tuna salad. Or even a cake.

Yet the phrase “You are what you eat” is still true, in the sense that a person’s mental, emotional and physical health can largely be influenced by what they eat.  Improving your health and wellbeing by making the right, informed choices about the foods you consume is easier than you think.

  • If you are looking for help with an existing condition,
  • if you’ve been feeling under the weather or “not quite right”,
  • if you are aiming to manage your weight without constantly needing to stand on the scales
  • or if you just want to improve the way you feel,

then creating a nutrition plan that’s tailored to you can help with all these things.

The right diet can:

  • Combat stress
  • Help reduce the discomfort caused by headaches
  • Alleviate digestive problems
  • Minimise lower back pain
  • Tackle chronic issues including IBS and food intolerances

“I don’t want to give up my favourite foods..”

You might not need to. Everyone has their favourites and everyone likes to indulge now and again.

Taking control of your diet and choosing healthier alternatives means being sensible with the majority of food you eat, in order to still be ok eating things occasionally that might be seen as less healthy.

Part of the challenge is in understanding the impact certain foods have on your body and the benefits of others.

You don’t have to be ill.

While it’s true that the right nutritional intake can be used to help with lots of different issues, having a well-balanced diet can also be preventative.

Making changes to the kinds of foods you eat and finding the balance between foods you enjoy and foods that are right for you can also lead to:

  • Increased energy levels and less general tiredness
  • Better sleep
  • Improved weight management
  • Increased sports performance.
  • A better complexion
  • A stronger immune system, leaving you less likely to suffer from coughs and colds

That Single Step.

The path to a better, healthier you starts with a single step.

An initial meeting costs £70.00 and will provide you with a personalised nutritional food plan, designed specifically for you and your needs.

For more detail on how we will work together and what will happen when we meet, click here.

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