So what exactly is naturopathic nutrition?

Naturopathic nutrition is an approach to health that uses whole and organic foods, not just as a way of fuelling our bodies but as medicine. Combining traditional Oriental medicine and Western nutrition, it aims to increase performance and wellbeing by understanding how nutritional imbalances may be adding to a person’s symptoms and health concerns.

How we function, both physically and emotionally, is affected in a huge way by the foods we eat. By making adjustments to your general diet, this can really make a difference to your health and the way you feel.

Obviously everyone is different, which is why your nutrition plan will be designed just for you.

Simply by taking control of your diet, you can take more control over your health.

Where to start?

You’ve most likely read all of the potential benefits to a naturopathic diet on the home page (if not take a look).  So where to start?

The best way to find out how this can help you in your individual situation, with your own personal health goals, is to pick up the phone and call or use the contact page.

By making an appointment you will:

  • Get help in clarifying how a naturopathic diet can help you
  • Be able to discuss potential (healthier) alternatives to the foods you love so you don’t feel like you’re missing out
  • Receive a personalised nutritional food plan
  • Identify a plan for eating that will replace unhealthy foods where possible but hopefully also allow you to keep some of the “naughtier” options…. in moderation of course.
  • Receive support to help you maintain progress towards your goals

So contact me now and let’s get started.